Tourism Saskatoon: Logo and Identity

TourismSaskatoon Logo

Tourism Saskatoon is a non-profit organization that seeks to promote Saskatoon as a tourist destination. They needed a new identity portraying Saskatoon as a fun and dynamic destination. Top left: The logo is semi-abstract symbol that has an open breezy feeling. It can be seen as a landscape with a glowing sun in a warm ribbon of sky over rolling hills or a flowing river. It can also be seen as a person running or leaping forward with clothes flowing in the wind. It is abstract enough to signify the performing arts, visual arts, sports or innovation and creativity. Top right: Reverse version of the logo. Middle and bottom: Information and image side of the business card. There were 5 versions (3 shown here) of the image side. The rounded corners were used on the website main image and were also used on several other pieces. Note: Saskatoon Shines logo done by someone else.