Vitalifer: Logo and Packaging

Vitalifer LogoAlt2x

Vitalifer is a manufacturer and distributor of health supplements. Top left: Logo that conveys a sense of energy and vitality. Small human figure is also a check mark and a “V”. Top right: Bottles using the new logo along with new package design to go with it. Bottom left: Logo for company name as opposed to the product name. This might appear on business cards or letterhead. The client wanted a logo that looked like it was part of the same family. Bottom right: black and white versions of the two logos. Below: DDW came up with the product name and company name, and came up with about 100 options. The top 18 names culled from the larger list are shown here: 1. lifestream, 2. wellspring, 3. life’s well, 4. life sense, 5. wellbeing, 6. new leaf, 7. greenday, 8. essentia, 9. nutrileaf, 10. nutrisense, 11. nussentials, 12. nutralife, 13. nutressence, 14. vitalife, 15. harmonia, 16. revitalise, 17. vitalize, 18. activate