Fields of the Lord: Book Cover

Wayland Book Alt Cover

A posthumously published autobiographical story about a woman who suffered from mysterious and debilitating pain, and her quest for a diagnosis and cure. Part expos√© of the neglect and mistakes of the medical community, and part spiritual journey to forgiveness and gratitude. Cover: There were not any good high resolution images of the author (pictured top right) who had since passed away. The solution was to use a silhouette from istock with just a hint of her face being added. The mouth is highlighted because this is where her health probems originated. The light waves, sparkles, and images of space point to her spiritual journey which took her beyond the physical here and now to a more expansive and joyous world. The background figures represent the medical community she encountered and the lighter silhouette represents the one health professional who was able to solve the medical problem, helping her return to full health.